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Thermograms: A non-invasive, non-radioactive diagnostic tool

I recently had a Thermogram, a non-invasive, non-radioactive diagnostic tool featured in Breast Wishes information. It was a great experience and I look forward to this baseline information and any insights its interpretation may have on my overall health and the health of my breast tissue in particular.

Melissa Gzaskow RN at 360 Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico is absolutely wonderful. I found her to be so knowledgeable and respectful. I will post again once the analysis report comes back and I meet with my doctor to share more about the experience and how it may inform my wellness going foward. Stay tuned!

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Margo Covington

I have found thermograms very informative about where there are “logjams” in the lymphatic system that can be released. Not only for me personally, but also with clients. I learned about thermograms through Breast Wishes Fund. Thanks!

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Shabel, Founder

“Logjams” are great to get to know in your body. Those of us who have had cancer may concern ourselves it’s a new tumor though in my experience, it’s frequently congested lymph.

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