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Ask the Advisor: Kevin P. Bethel MD CM FAARM FICT

Kevin P. Bethel MD CM FAARM FICT lives and works in the Bahamas as a wellness oriented family doctor and an “Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine” consultant. He is the Clinical Medical Director for the Immune Augmentation Therapy Centre , Freeport, Bahamas. He has several degrees and certifications including a MD CM from McGill University, Residency at Baylor College of Medicine, Fellowship Board Certification in Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine, Sports Medicine Professionals, Clinical Metal Toxicology and Homeotoxicology. He is fellowship trained in Integrative Cancer Therapies. His personal mandate is to rationally develop health freedom and happiness. His professional mandate is to seek out, learn, develop and provide advanced medical care thru helping clients achieve optimal health restoration.

Dr. Bethel, why is your medical focus immunotherapy for cancer?

My cousin was only 37 years old, two years older than me, when I discovered the lump in her breast. There was no evidence of any lymph node involvement and the lump was less than 1 inch in size, but her US insurance covered doctors insisted that she start chemotherapy first. She did the chemotherapy and on a follow up scan the chemotherapy failed and in fact, the cancer had spread to stage 4… Inoperable. My cousin died a year later with no other options for treatment. I was working and living on an island (Grand Bahama), that had a famous clinic known to have alternative treatment options for people with cancer. This event was the turning point that lead me to start exploring cancer treatment options that are beyond what standard medicine had taught me. I eventually pursued a fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy and returned to work at that special clinic, the IAT Clinic in the Bahamas.

What treatments does the IAT Clinic offer?

The clinic offers treatments that augment or boost the immune system in people who have their immune system worn down from the cancer itself or the standard treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Some therapies include various dendritic cell immune therapies (affectionately called ‘tumor vaccines’), custom made from the person’s own cancer antigens. Also offered are evidence based nutritional programs that are customized for each person living thru cancer. Sadly, many people come to IAT at the ‘end of the line’ when all standard treatments have failed and their immune system is destroyed.

What are possible options for people who are considering preventative removal of their breasts and reproductive organs due to genetic markers for cancer etc.?

The blocking protein that Dr. Burton (founder of the IAT Clinic) was working on identifying has been described and accepted by mainstream medicine…It is called PD-1. They have even developed a ‘vaccine’ (I use that word very loosely) that actually un-blocks the blocking PD-1 protein, an immunotherapy they named “Keytruda”. They are doing clinical trials in the USA and this immune therapy will be approved for use very soon. Keytruda will be super expensive and not recommended for ‘prevention’ though this thinking is the way to the future’s prevention.

How can people learn more about the IAT Clinic’s work?

Please see the clinic’s website

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