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Help with chemo side effects

My friend has asked for help with chemo side effects. Anyone have thoughts?

She would like to see what holistic remedies are recommended for people who are taking chemo in general, as well as:

  1. What are some remedies for shooting pains in the hand?
  2. What are some remedies for nausea?
  3. What are some remedies for neuropathy in the feet?

For #2 I recommend ginger and medical cannabis. I believe cooking from scratch with healthfull ingredients stimulates hunger, helps overshadow nausea…

Anyone else?

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Mary Sjoberg

Generally, for support while undergoing treatment, high quality whole foods offers unparalleled support. This would include high quality sources of protein such as “organically” produced poultry, lamb, wild-caught salmon, and eggs, 3 times daily if possible. Vegetable juices, such as those suggested in the Gerson book can provide important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Other invaluable dietary guidelines are, “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” by Patrick Quillen; and online, The Natural Pharmacist, Dr. Ross Pelton.

For 1 and 3: Studies show a combination of alpha lipoic acid plus DHA both prevent and reduce symptoms of chemotherapy induced nerve pain. Check with your oncologist or health care provider.

For 2: Some people have found a Chinese remedy called “The Curing Pill” to be of benefit in reducing symptoms of nausea while undergoing treatment. Check with you oncologist or health care provider.

Lexie Shabel

Thank you Mary! Particularly appreciate your thoughts, never heard of remedies @ nerve pain and Chinese pill.

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