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20 Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention and Health

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Tips for your Breast Wishes as heard daily on Honey Harris’s show on 98.1, KBAC, here’s the monthly recap show.

1. Decongest the lymphatic system with dry brushing and sweat 3 hours a week to detox chemicals, radiation and heavy metals stored in your fat cells

2. Use olive oil, coconut oil, and organically produced butter

3. Exercise 40 minutes daily, 4 hours a week

4. Learn how to put your own health needs first instead of last

5.Know your stressors.  Eliminate or reduce as many as possible and Learn how to change your response to the stressors you can’t change.

6. Sleep in a completely dark room with no computers, work and minimal electricity for high melatonin levels-take melatonin supplements if you aren’t sleeping deeply

7. Use non-toxic cleaning products

8. Minimize watching or listening to news programs; listen to music that soothes; watch film or tv that is uplifting and notice the effects on your senses of what you allow in

9. Avoid cosmetics, nail polish, toothpaste, shampoo etc. containing parabens, phthalates and carcinogens

10. Use glass, ceramic or stainless steel, not plastic (BPA’s leach xenoestrogens that mimic carcinogenic hormones).

11. Look at Food as medicine-try green smoothies

12. Add high potency probiotics or fermented foods

13. Take neem & turmeric supplements daily for breast cancer prevention

14. Take 2000-5000 IU of vitamin D3 daily, getting your levels checked yearly.

15. Eat organic miso, umeboshi plum and chlorella to detox radiation, especially when flying

16. Consider manual TSA pat downs at the airport to avoid radiation exposure or register for Global TSA

17. Do a spring and fall cleanse consisting of parasite purge, kidney, liver and gall bladder flush over a month, yearly

18. Go beyond breast exam and love yourself with daily/weekly breast massage

19. Limit EMF’s from cell phones and computers

20. If constipation is a problem, correct it; healthy bowel movements are once or twice daily- Consider your magnesium intake in response to this.

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