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Rigvir cancer therapy

Rigvir characteristics

Therapeutic indications
Rigvir belongs to the immunomodulator group of medicines. As a viral immunomodulator with antitumour effect, Rigvir is registered for treatment of melanoma, local therapy of cutaneous and subcutaneous metastases, prevention of recurrence and metastases after radical surgery.

Rigvir has been used for the following types of tumours:
It is scientifically and practically proven that the following tumour types are sensitive to Rigvir.

stomach cancer,
colorectal cancer,
pancreatic cancer,
kidney cancer,
uterine cancer,
bladder cancer,
lung cancer,
prostate cancer,
sarcoma of several types:

The direct antitumour effect of Rigvir is associated with oncotropism and oncolysis.
The cytolytic effect of the medicine is selective – applies to malignant cells without affecting normal tissue cells.
It is very essential that Rigvir induces the emergence (expression) of tumour-associated differentiation antigens on the surface of non-lysed malignant cells and suppresses the expression of MAGE antigens which are associated with the progressive growth of melanoma.
Altered in such a way, the surface structures of malignant cells become a target for cytotoxic mechanisms of the immune system.

Rigvir mechanism of anticancer activity in humans:
Antitumour activity

Degenerative-distrophic changes of tumor cells (oncolysis).
Change of cell composition of tumour stroma and intensive lymphoid cell infiltration in the tumour which corresponds to the morphologic view ofimmune rejection.
Following apoptosis of tumour cells (after several Rigvir courses).

11 Comments On Rigvir cancer therapy

Dan Janosek

I have been diagnosed with Sarcoma. After removal from my arm and radiation treatment they believe it has moved to my lungs. I would like to consider Rigvir therapy. I do live in the USA. Chicago.

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Shabel, Founder

Dear Dan,
Thank you very much for writing. We’ll be writing you back privately to discuss the details of your situation and if you wish to share them publicly at that time, this is your choice.
With deep gratitude, lexie

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Shabel, Founder

Hi Dan, how are you doing with the sarcoma? love to hear from you and see if you received our advisors information

Billie Goldman

I have DCIS breast cancer that is estrogen positive and it is in my lymph nodes. Is Rigvir effective against breast cancer? I see lots of cancers mentioned but not breast cancer. If it is effective, I would be very interested in taking Rigvir and would appreciate any information on how to get started. Thank you.

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Shabel, Founder

Hello Billie,
I believe I answered you privately though please let us know how you are doing and if your treatment is going well.
With deep gratitude, lex


Hi… I have stage 4 colon cancer. I am interested in rigvir therapy.

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Shabel, Founder

Thank you Adeline for your comment. On our Advisory, Dr. Kevin Bethel and Dr. Tony Jimenez are our go to people about Rig Vir. We’ll be contacting you privately also though please go to the About and Contact tab and click on Our People to see their contact info and more about Rig Vir.

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Shabel, Founder

Hi Adeline, how are you doing and have you received any new info on Rig Vir for your situation?


i had breast cancer stage 3 a year a go , i had mastectomy , chemo ,radio and now on hormonal treatment (Aromasin) cause my tumor is very sensitive to ER,PR
i would like to know if RigVir is suitable for me to prevent recurrence?
and i want to ask if it is going to affect Aromasin level in my blood which i believe is critical in my treatment?

shirley wall

where can you get rigvor? Is it FDA approved for insurance purposes?

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Shabel, Founder

Hello Shirley and thank you for writing. I do not believe it is approved for FDA and insurance purposes yet. Two outlets are through our Advisors, Dr. Kevin Bethel in Freeport, Bahamas at Wellness 4 Cancer
and Dr. Tony Jimenez of Hope 4 Cancer in Tijuana, Mexico
Please check back in with us and let us know how you are doing!
With deep gratitude, Founder, Lexie Shabel

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