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Ask the Advisor: Sara Crow

Sara Crow is an acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist practicing on California’s central coast. She specializes in using flower essences, which can be easily combined and integrated into many healthcare modalities. She is the creator of Floracopeia’s FlorAlchemy line. Floracopeia was established by David Crow to promote the use of medicinal plants and high-value crops for grassroots healthcare, poverty alleviation, ecological benefits and the preservation of ethno-botanical wisdom.

Alongside enjoying her role as an educator for Floracopeia, she delights in capturing the beauty of the world as a nature photographer. She is uniquely gifted as an intuitive and subtle energy healer and offers consultations and healings via phone or Skype. She can be reached at or at

Do you suggest specific flower essences for cancer?

Around the time of diagnosis, I would recommend Stress Relief, Mind Ease and the Rose Flower Essence Tincture. Stress Relief contains flowers that help to quickly ground, center and stabilize a person. The Mind Ease can help a lot when the mind is trying to figure out how this could have happened and why. It helps calm an overactive mind and balance it out during this stressful time. The Rose Flower Essence Tincture settles and soothes the heart, also working to calm the mind by helping us feel safe and ‘okay’.

The Trauma Repair can also be implemented if someone feels that something from the past or ‘unmetabolized experience’ is important to address. An important point, is that flower essences do not re-traumatize a person but rather help a person to metabolize unprocessed experience (or unprocessed emotions) through the dream state. One of the specialities of flower essences is related to how they are able to gently and gracefully show us how to unbind ourselves from the past.

As a holistic medical practitioner, I would recommend flower essences based on each person’s unique constitution, presentation and history. I would then pair those uniquely chosen essences with more general supportive essences such as FlorAlchemy’s Cellular Harmony and the Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture. The Cellular Harmony contains important flower essences, such as the self-heal flower, that supports the body’s innate healing intelligence. This formula also works to help a person take ownership and responsibility for their unique healing journey and helps restore faith that healing is possible (whatever that means for each person). The Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture is a formula based entirely on flowers, one of which is the most revered herb in Ayurveda, tulsi. Tulsi is fantastic adaptogen to help balance the physiological axis of the immune, endocrine and nervous system’s. On a spiritual level, the Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture helps to connect us with the deeper truth of who we are and it encourages us to live from that place.

What is your recommendation for healing the heart, opening the heart chakra?

Again, FlorAlchemy’s Rose Flower Essence Tincture. This is a multidimensional preparation of flowers designed to work specifically with heart related issues on every level. Others that I think of are: Wild Pansy, Cuckoo, and Purple Saxifrage.

Flower essences for the prevention of cancer or fear of recoccurance?

Prevention – This is very individual. I recommend working with a flower essence practitioner to access what ‘themes’ are showing up in your particular life to work with. This could include psychospiritual themes that are, in my mind, essential to work with when any type of chronic illness or imbalance is showing up.

Fear of reccurance – I would recommend Inner Judge, Wood Crane’s Bill, Rowan, Trauma Repair and the Renewal blend together.


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