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Ask the Advisor: Margo Covington

Margo Covington: Lymphatic Decongestion Advisor


What is the lymphatic system and what is it’s relationship with cancer?
The lymphatic system, in conjunction with blood, is part of the circulatory system. It’s a series of vessels and lymph nodes that provide four main functions in our bodies:

  1. The lymphatic system is the watershed of our immune system. 600–1000 lymph nodes in the body act as filters or traps for the toxins. Each organ has its own lymph nodes and lymph flow. Typically, there is twice as much lymph fluid in the body than blood.
  2. The recycling system–the cleaner lymph fluid is drawn into the backbeat of the heart and returned to the blood.
  3. The sewer system–the “trash” drains to a large lymph node below where your ribs meet, and drains into your intestines, specifically the colon, for evacuation from the body.
  4. Toxin sequestration–When the body can’t get the trash out, it stores the toxins, dehydrating it so the toxins aren’t circulating. When there is toxic buildup, it can feel like large-curd cottage cheese in the lymph. This is food for parasitic critters and disease such as cancer

What congests the lymphatic system and how can a person decongest their lymphatic system?

  • With 84,000 man-made chemicals on the market today– mostly since the1960’s-our bodies are more exposed to “unfamiliar” chemicals than our ancestors.
  • Water is the magic elixir of life, since our bodies are 70% or so water. Drink water! Water intake is key.
  • Exercise pumps the lymph. Think of all your joints as pump handles for the moving the lymph.  Sedentary lifestyles obviously slow lymph flow. Movement, however gently and small, helps pump the lymph.
  • A blow to the body or tight fitting clothes that compromise the flow and can start a “log-jam” that can get bigger over time.
  • Foods choices and thorough mastication are essential to our digestion. Smaller molecules are less likely to get log-jammed in the lymph.
  • The Lymph Star machine that I use is remarkably good at breaking up the logjams. We see, hear and feel lymph on the move and experience great benefits.
  • Emotional traumas, particularly when compounded with toxic exposure, can really start clogging the lymph. Releasing old emotional hurts can make a big difference in releasing your lymphatic congestion too! Love your breasts… find beauty in them no matter what shape, size, condition they are in.


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