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Alternative healing for Cancer 9-24 & 9-25


Cancer Camp is for anyone touched by cancer or moved to learn more. Join us for an overview retreat in an “unplugged” pastoral setting twelve miles from Santa Fe and explore the options to use with cancer besides chemo, surgery and radiation. Local and national Breast Wishes Advisory Board (* denotes ) professionals give practical information about immune enhancing, cancer reducing/eliminating treatments.

Saturday, September 24
9 AM-Breakfast-Green drinks and more for optimum nutrition, taste and detoxification.
Camper introductions

9:45 AM-Wisdom Healing Qigong: Activating Life Force Energy for Healing
*Master Mingtong Gu, President and Founder of The Chi Center

11 AM-Skype with BWF Advisor about latest immunology/virotherapy
Cancer vaccines, PNC27, Metablox, Rig Vir, and the latest in research for immune enhancing, cancer reducing/eliminating therapies.
*Dr. Kevin Bethel, MD CM FAARM FICT

12 PM-1:30 PM-Raw Lunch Demo and Meal
A delicious raw meal demo that you can make at home and learn why raw foods may be key for your cancer path. Home sprouting and superfoods discussed.
Raw food chef Sean James

1:30 PM-2:00 PM-Rest by the stream or inside

2 PM-Lymphatic System 101
Learn the importance of the lymphatic system in a cancer diagnosis and methods to activate it.
*Margo Covington

3:30 PM-Raw snack/Tea-Walk

4:30PM- The IAM® – Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique
Learn this simple meditation technique for energy, mental clarity and stress reduction.
*Jonathan Crews

6 PM-End Day 1

Sunday, September 25
9 AM-Breakfast-Ayurvedic food for all doshas (constitutions) with basic overview of Ayurveda.
Ayurvedic chef Sulis

9:45 AM-12 PM-Herbal wildharvesting walk upriver
Discover the cancer fighters in your backyard and how to identify them. Discussion will encompass Black Salve for Botanical Surgery of tumors. Hiking shoes and options for those unable to walk far.
*Herbalist Jessie Emerson, RN

12 PM-1:15 PM PM-Ayurvedic Lunch
Enjoy a simple, healthful ayurvedic meal while learning about ayurveda as a wise ancient system that uses food as medicine for health, detoxification and cancer support.
Ayurvedic chef Sulis

1:15 PM-Rest by the stream or inside

1:30 PM- The IAM® – Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique revisited
*Jonathan Crews

2:15 PM-Flower Essences for trauma and cancer healing
Subtle though powerful, flower essences help overcome deep emotional wounds and trauma. Learn about the basic allies for a cancer diagnosis and how to evaluate your personal needs.
Eriene Iris

3:15 PM-Death and Dying: Busting Our Cultural Myth-Explore the truth of this sacred experience that is an inevitability for all us.
*Denys Cope, Hospice RN for over 30 years, BSN, MSS

4:30 PM-Ayurvedic snack/Tea

4:45 PM-Medical Cannabis treatments
Phoenix Tears, CBD, THC. Navigating the science, dosing and potential results.
*Cannabis Nurse Heather Manus

6 PM-End Day 2

Suggested contribution-$90 a day/$150 for weekend
More details on Facebook and homepage of
Register now, space is limited!

CIT (Counselors in Training) work-study available as well as partial scholarships.
Everyone including family and friends are encouraged to attend & volunteer

Cell phones collected at beginning of day and returned at end. Emergency phone #505-820-2267
Bring hiking shoes, raincoat, water bottle, chair or cushion for indoor and outdoor seating.
Teachers may offer relevant products for sale.

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