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Tumor Exorcism

I’ve completed the Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates Health Institute. It’s a three-week program where someone can detoxify and learn how to take home a higher path to wellness based on living foods in just three short weeks.  My challenge, in addition to heavy metal detoxification symptoms of paralysis, are cancer tumors determined to come out of my body versus being absorbed. There are three major areas, one large tumor in a vital area of fluid movement at my sentinel node in the armpit. This is a watershed for lymphatic activity and drainage. The other is a massive open wound and another tumor at 7 o’clock that dug under my breast and popped out the other side. OUCH!!!

Because I won’t go to a hospital when things get more hairy, I’ve decided to set up a sterile holistically nurturing space in my parent’s beach apartment.  My parents have been my biggest angels, trusting and supporting my experience and inner knowing. It’s a testament to rebuilding our relationships since I was first diagnosed over eleven years ago. So many angels these past few months of excruciating pain, gut wrenching sobbing and I believe ultimately death and redemption in this body. So much Suffering, so much Grace.

I’m setting things up with hospice so I may focus 100% on purging these tumors at the roots, holistically. My treatment includes:

  • Personalized autologous cancer “vaccine”
  • Black salve, -Two Feathers brand
  • Living Foods-Wheatgrass shots as well as rectally and Hippocrates Green Drink that has sunflower sprouts, pea shoots, cucumbers and celery
  • Qi Gong
  • Detoxification as possible, saunas, baths with Epsom salt and baking soda
  • Numerous supplements
  • Emotional work including positive affirmations
  • Prayer and nonstop chanting music-The Hanuman Chalisa

I have gotten prescriptions for oxycodone, morphine, etc… and am preparing to enter that zone.

I will continue to document these tumors as they change and grow, coming out from the roots. This is to complete the journey I have been on over eleven years, for myself, my ancestors and for you gentle reader. I am grateful to the Hanuman temple and satsang for singing Hanuman Chalisas. I’m thankful if you feel moved to pray for my full recovery in any way that feels right for you.  Share your prayer with me if you wish though I’m just grateful for being in your heart.


With deep love and gratitude,

Lexie Shabel
Founder & CEO-Breast Wishes Fund


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