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Hippocrates Health Institute Scholarship Fundraiser: Tara Lusher Marathon

Dear Friends, meet Tara Lusher – who is supporting the work and mission of both Breast Wishes Fund and the Hippocrates Health Institute with a scholarship fundraiser and marathon. Please consider sponsoring tara with a generous contribution, which can be made at the Breast Wishes Fund ‘Network for Good’ page.

“My name is Tara Lusher!  I wear many hats, but one of my most recent and proud accomplishments was graduating as a certified Health Educator from Hippocrates Health Institute.  This is a 9 week intensive immersion program focused on mindy, body and spirit and it was LIFE CHANGING for me!

The basis is a vegan raw living foods lifestyle aimed at bringing our whole body health back into alignment.  I saw guest after guest coming for their signature 3 week Life Transformation Program that experienced a dramatic health transformation after only their FIRST week!

I believe when we embrace healing our WHOLE body, not just focus on masking symptoms, then we will always have the ability to transform our lives and our health. 

The fact that this beautiful place exists is the USA, to assist in helping us heal ourselves, and is relatively unknown to the mainstream is sad and it has become my passion to spread the word that there is another beautiful alternative out there!  Whether it’s cancer, diabetes, crohns, rheumatoid or any other dis-ease within our bodies/minds, I believe Hippocrates Health Institute is an incredible “alternative” (should be the mainstream) opportunity to learn how to heal ourselves and I want to do my part to share that.

Marathon Running to Support Breast Wishes Fund and Hippocrates Health Institute

I am running, not just any marathon, but a 100 mile ultramarathon!! I emphasize only for scale of difficulty.  This race is called the Keys100 and goes from Key Largo to Key West May 20-21.  My hope is to raise as much money as possible with the help of Breast Wishes Fund to raise awareness to your foundation and to Hippocrates, with the end result being a scholarship to be awarded to an individual to experience the health and life changing program at HHI.”

The work Tara is doing in support of Breast Wishes Fund and the Hippocrates Health Institutie is incredibly important and powerful. The work we do is made possible by engaged and inspired women (and others) like Tara who believe in the power of healing the whole body. Please consider making a generous contribution and sponsoring Tara’s marathon!

To become a sponsor, please visit our Network for Good Page.

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