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Never Say Never: Lessons of My Healing Journey

Dear Friends, this is a blog entry from Breast Wishes founder, Lexie Shabel. Lexie is currently deep in treatment and has been documenting her story and experience. These are her words. I had surgery less than a week ago where a large part of the right side of my body was removed. In what I […]

Hippocrates Health Institute Scholarship Fundraiser: Tara Lusher Marathon

Dear Friends, meet Tara Lusher – who is supporting the work and mission of both Breast Wishes Fund and the Hippocrates Health Institute with a scholarship fundraiser and marathon. Please consider sponsoring tara with a generous contribution, which can be made at the Breast Wishes Fund ‘Network for Good’ page. “My name is Tara Lusher! […]

Tumor Exorcism

I’ve completed the Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates Health Institute. It’s a three-week program where someone can detoxify and learn how to take home a higher path to wellness based on living foods in just three short weeks.  My challenge, in addition to heavy metal detoxification symptoms of paralysis, are cancer tumors determined to come […]

CRONaxel Oxaloacetate

From Advisor Dr. Kevin Bethel Oxaloacetate is an obscure molecule that plays a role in energy production. Researchers have learned that it can also remove excess glutamate from the bloodstream. Glutamate can cause extensive brain damage in the event of a stroke or concussion, and it is a preferred fuel for many different types […]

Metabolic Cancer Control

Since metabolism is a universal cellular process found in all our cells, the ability to modify aspects of metabolism in cancer cells can afford us the chance to change the behavior of the cancer. The three main forms of cellular metabolism that our cells use to produce energy are anaerobic glycolysis (without oxygen) and aerobic […]

Plants Are Our Allies

This column is named, “Plants are our Allies.” This is true. But there are the questions of how and why. We will explore the how and why herbs can help. Herbs assist the body back to hemostasis or balance. They stimulate the body’s own innate healing processes. Osha, Lingusticum porteri stimulates the macrophages that live […]

Thank you Cancer Camp contributors!

We are so grateful for the generous contributions of local farmers and food from Verde and Body. Our Campers witnessed first hand the bounty of food as medicine right here in Santa Fe. Everyone was nourished intellectually and physically, in great part to each of these farmers and businesses selfless service. Thank you!!! Body […]

Radio show about Cancer Camp

Join BWF Founder on air Tuesday October 11th at 6:30pm on BWF’s Advisory Board member’s radio program, East West Medicine on KSFR. You may listen live in the Santa Fe area on KSFR 101.1 fm, or stream live from the internet at

Alternative healing for Cancer 9-24 & 9-25

Cancer Camp is for anyone touched by cancer or moved to learn more. Join us for an overview retreat in an “unplugged” pastoral setting twelve miles from Santa Fe and explore the options to use with cancer besides chemo, surgery and radiation. Local and national Breast Wishes Advisory Board (* denotes ) professionals give practical […]

Ask the Advisor: Margo Covington

Margo Covington: Lymphatic Decongestion Advisor What is the lymphatic system and what is it’s relationship with cancer? The lymphatic system, in conjunction with blood, is part of the circulatory system. It’s a series of vessels and lymph nodes that provide four main functions in our bodies: The lymphatic system is the watershed of our immune […]