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Never Say Never: Lessons of My Healing Journey

Dear Friends, this is a blog entry from Breast Wishes founder, Lexie Shabel. Lexie is currently deep in treatment and has been documenting her story and experience. These are her words. I had surgery less than a week ago where a large part of the right side of my body was removed. In what I […]

Tumor Exorcism

I’ve completed the Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates Health Institute. It’s a three-week program where someone can detoxify and learn how to take home a higher path to wellness based on living foods in just three short weeks.  My challenge, in addition to heavy metal detoxification symptoms of paralysis, are cancer tumors determined to come […]

Verde Juice Cleanse Kits

Verde Juice Blog with BWF Founder Lexie Shabel here!       Thank you Verde for your support by contributing a portion from your cleanse kits to Breast Wishes Fund this October.

Report from the Integrated Health International Conference in San Diego

Executive Director Tania Azar and Founder Lexie Shabel attended the Integrated Health International Conference in San Diego recently, reaffirming Breast Wishes Fund’s mission to intensely focus on choices for breast cancer treatment and prevention. Read on to learn about new doctors and health care professionals for our Advisory Board, recommended clinics, supplements and therapies. Dr. Sunil […]

Personalized cancer vaccine booster

IAT Clinic-Freeport, Bahamas I’m back for a “booster” of the Heat Shock Protein (HSP) injections I have been referring to as vaccines. Hurricane season is an especially slow time, and I have capitalized on cheaper accommodations, and lots of time with Breast Wishes Fund’s Advisory Board member, Dr. Kevin Bethel. Look for his approach to […]

How different generations handle breast cancer (radio interview)

This radio interview with founder Lexie Shabel on her parent’s radio program, from May 19th, 2014 discusses the current state of breast cancer worldwide. Her parents share their experience of almost nine years of watching their daughter trailblaze a path that was different than what her father’s sister, mother and grandmother did with their breast […]

Panchakarma Files #4 – Nasyam and Massage

January 31, 2014 As I complete the second to last day of five massages, I’m entering the final third of this process. I’m tired, physically and emotionally though I have pressed myself harder than one would if in a strict hospital facility. Even writing now on the computer is not advised, the goal of Panchakarma(PK), […]

Panchakarma Files Chapter 3

January 22, 2014 I’ve completed vamana, intentional vomiting, and have lived to tell.  I’ve decided to do this against the Dr.’s recommendation because whenever I have read about it, it has resonated with some issues I’ve had chronically.  An overall mucus in my upper chest, sinuses and unclear head.  The other reason being I haven’t […]

Panchakarma Files Chapter 2

It’s official, I’m into Panchakarma (PK) with tomorrow being the big day of vamana or induced vomiting. I’ve been taking the medicated ghee in the AM and eating soupy rice congee and either green gram tooren or raw banana tooren, both of which I really didn’t have properly until yesterday when my host Kim and […]

Panchakarma Files Chapter 1

After speaking with many Doctors of Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS) and other people in India, I’ve decided to begin Panchakarma treatment with Dr. G.Vijayan. He worked for decades at the Government District Ayurveda Hospital. Panchakarma is a five step detoxification program that takes about a month to complete and purges the body from head to toe. […]