Breast Wishes Fund



AIM@Wellness Program

Breast Wishes Fund’s core prevention and education program is AIM @ Wellness. A@W is an educational community experience that is simultaneously fun and informative for college-aged students and adults. A@W offers information to increase awareness around healthy choices for food, body and beauty care products, and environmental toxins.

Breast Wishes Cancer Camp

Cancer Camp is for people who have been recently diagnosed or are working with any type of cancer. This retreat in an “unplugged” pastoral setting twelve miles from Santa Fe and explore the options to use with your cancer besides chemo, surgery and radiation. Local and national Breast Wishes Advisory Board professionals give practical information about immune enhancing, cancer reducing/eliminating treatments.

Breast Wishes Support Groups

Breast Wishes clients are unique and our support groups focus on sharing immune enhancing, cancer eradicating methods, health care professional referrals and personal experiences on this path.

Compassionate Mirror Counseling

Breast Wishes offers a wide toolbox of wholistic choices to work with cancer and prevention of disease that focus on high quality of life. Counseling sessions stem from heart-based, educated, conscious, empathic healing approaches offered by Breast Wishes’ Founder, Lexie Shabel. These sessions mirror back treatments clients may be receptive to, possibly including therapies utilizing food as medicine, immunology and virotherapy, referrals to vetted professionals and Advisory Board members, advocacy, flower essences, Ayurveda, somatic experiencing psychotherapy, lymphatic decongestion, homeopathy, death and dying practice, etc…Services are free of charge though contributions to Breast Wishes Fund are gratefully accepted.

Uninsured Treatment Fund

The mission of Breast Wishes is to “Give US Choices” for Breast Cancer Treatment and Prevention. The Uninsured Treatment Fund offers clients a financial grant for their uninsured choices to work with their active cancer or recent diagnosis.