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This forum is made available to those seeking a safe, judgment-free place to discuss holistic approaches to breast cancer treatment. Holistic is a term used to describe approaches and therapies that treat the whole person. Holistic approaches may include dietary choices, exercise, dietary supplements, alternative therapies (treatments used instead of standard treatment), and complementary medicine (treatments used with standard treatment). We ask that you please refrain from providing individual medical advice but encourage you to share your own experiences and thoughts.

Verde Juice Cleanse Kits

Verde Juice Blog with BWF Founder Lexie Shabel here!       Thank you Verde for your support by contributing a portion from your cleanse kits to Breast Wishes Fund this October.

20 Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention and Health

Click here to listen to the final October 31 broadcast Tips for your Breast Wishes as heard daily on Honey Harris’s show on 98.1, KBAC, here’s the monthly recap show. 1. Decongest the lymphatic system with dry brushing and sweat 3 hours a week to detox chemicals, radiation and heavy metals stored in your fat […]

Help with chemo side effects

My friend has asked for help with chemo side effects. Anyone have thoughts? She would like to see what holistic remedies are recommended for people who are taking chemo in general, as well as: What are some remedies for shooting pains in the hand? What are some remedies for nausea? What are some remedies for […]

Neem and turmeric for breast cancer prevention and recurrence

A great form of prevention for breast cancer and recurrence is to take neem and turmeric twice daily as recommended by Advisory Board member, Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute. Cancer has difficulty where there is inflammation and this combo helps with that.

What is your way to detoxify from everyday pollutants?

I like organic miso, umeboshi plum, chlorophyll, fresh broccoli and red clover sprouts I make with a hempbag from, sweating and jumping up and down to activate my lymphatic system… I’ve also written about my month long stay in India to undergo the Panchakarma detox program. You?

Thermograms: A non-invasive, non-radioactive diagnostic tool

I recently had a Thermogram, a non-invasive, non-radioactive diagnostic tool featured in Breast Wishes information. It was a great experience and I look forward to this baseline information and any insights its interpretation may have on my overall health and the health of my breast tissue in particular. Melissa Gzaskow RN at 360 Medicine in […]