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Healthy Eating with Mary Sjoberg


The term probiotic refers to the beneficial bacteria or micro flora that populate our gut. Most of us know about acidophilus, which is one specific subspecies of bacteria. Many strains of beneficial bacteria exist, including bifid bacterium, streptococcus thermophilus, and several variants of lactobacillus. The term “probiotic” is taken from the Greek and literally means […]

Green Tea

Whether green, white or black, all these are derived from the Camillia sinensis species. The color has to do with the degree of processing and fermentation. Of the catechin compounds found in green tea, the one identified as EGCG is believed to produce the highest level of beneficial activity in the body. Green tea has […]

Flax Seeds, Flax Oil, and Flax Meal

Flax seeds offer goodness in many forms. The whole seeds provide an excellent source of fiber. Flax oil is a rich source of ALA, a precursor to Omega-3 fatty acids. The right kinds of fats in the body decrease inflammation, and nourish the cell membranes. Ground flax is a source of lignans, substances which increase […]


Pumpkins originated in the southern arid regions of the Americas. Records indicate they have been cultivated for roughly 9000 years, along with other winter squashes. Pumpkins are members of the genus cucurbita. Pumpkins were originally consumed primarily as a source of protein and for their seeds, which are rich in oils. Pumpkins are classified as […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Poor quality dietary fat intake is one of the greatest promoters of modern diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, digestive disorders, and cancer. Adding high quality fats like cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil is an important step in protecting overall health. Extra virgin olive oil is produced from the first pressing of olives. It contains a […]


Rosemary is related to the mint family. It has very potent antioxidant properties, in part because it is a good source of the vitamin E family. Rosemary is immune protective and an estrogen blocker, which can help protect against estrogen sensitive cancers. Rosemary oil has been shown to protect the liver, and to have anti-mutagenic, […]

Brassica family, (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage)

This family of vegetables provides nutrient powerhouses. They are high in compounds called indoles which help to reduce harmful effects of estrogens. Indoles have been shown to reduce breast, cervical, and colon cancer. The brassicas also contain sulforaphane, a compound which stimulates liver detoxification enzymes and helps the liver to remove free radicals and toxins. […]


Ginger has been called the “universal remedy”. It is a potent antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial activity. It is an excellent source of plant nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Ginger can stimulate circulation and in Asian medicine has been used to dispel stagnated conditions. It is easy to grate fresh ginger root to […]

Garlic and onions

Garlic is one of the oldest medicinal foods used by humans. It is a spice, an herb, and a medicine. Garlic is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Hence, it has been used to stimulate the immune system. In Asian nutrition, garlic is used as a dispersing and warming herb used to treat stagnant conditions both in […]

Shiitake Mushrooms

The health benefits of shiitake mushrooms have been recognized for over 6000 years. In addition to being an excellent source of vitamins B-complex and D, shiitakes provide immune support by stimulating the macrophages which inhibit cancer cells. They also provide a protective effect against inflammation, toxins, and radiation. Shiitakes have been studied for their ability […]


There are many types of seaweeds, including nori, kombu, kelp, arame, wakame, and Makebu. Seaweeds contain all 100 minerals needed by the body. The iodine in seaweeds supports the thyroid gland and helps protect the body against damage caused by radiation exposure. Seaweed has been used traditionally both internally and externally to cleanse the blood, […]